All About Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are your best soft-surface flooring option for office applications meant to handle heavy traffic loads and are easily installed to change the appearance of the space. They’re versatile in application, allowing for a wide range of diverse options  and can be incorporated almost anywhere in an office space. Even though tiles are more expensive than broadloom carpets, they are more easily maintained. Their smaller size lends to them being easier to lift, move and install, effectively producing less waste. The various sizes and designs make it applicable for numerous work spaces. Both easy installation and the carpet tile variety combined offer cost savings during a project. Carpet tiles allow for spot-replacement for damaged tiles rather than large sections of carpet. Additionally, they allow for a multitude of patterns and shapes for every space. The products durability and longevity make it a great addition to any space.  More specifically, some carpet tiles have cushion backing to absorb sound and protect against wear and tear. Hard-backed carpet tiles are less durable than cushion-backed modular carpet and broadloom. The carpet allows for underfoot comfort and reduces the frequency and slips and falls that you would find with hard flooring. With carpet tiles, a commercial space can be transformed with significant ambient improvements.

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