As we know, life happens. It is safe to say that this floor is resistant to whatever life throws at you. Thankfully, Crown Coverings is here to help with life’s oopsies and accidents. Crown would like to introduce Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank, the solution.

It is easy to clean, won’t chip, sound reducing, and resistant to moisture so spills won’t ruin the floor. Found in hospitals, airports, schools, hotel lobbies and more with growing popularity, LVT is one of the most versatile flooring materials out there. It is available in planks or tiles and uses a print film to give it a multitude of appearances composed of four layers: backing layer, fill layer, print layer and wear layer. The layers are meant for stability, appearance, and longevity. This product allows for unlimited design options and is easy to maintenance with a sleek look, for it is meant to replicate hard wood or tile with more practicality. This product is quick to install, easy to maintain and visually appealing–the perfect flooring finish at an affordable price.

The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the floor. If you have a space that will need a high resistance to scratches and wear, a higher wear layer, such as a 12 mil or 20 mil, would be best for the application of light commercial. Commercial vinyl flooring applications will usually require a 20 mil top layer whereas residential will range from 6 to 12 mil.

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