Commercial Flooring in Schaumburg

The interior design of your commercial space can have a big impact on employee productivity, customer impressions, and the overall comfort of the property. Commercial flooring is an essential design element to consider, because it will set the tone for the space as well as determine the possible uses for a given area. Continue reading to get a closer look at your commercial flooring options in Schaumburg from the experienced, knowledgeable team at Crown Coverings.

Commercial Flooring Options

Commercial flooring choices are similar to residential flooring options, but they are designed to offer greater durability and affordability when covering large spaces. At Crown Coverings, we can guide you to the most aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly flooring options for your commercial property from the varieties below.

  • Carpet Tile – Though you may not think that carpet will be able to hold up to the foot traffic of a busy office or restaurant dining room, there are many varieties of stain-resistant carpet constructed from durable synthetic fibers that will stand the test of time. Carpet is among the most affordable flooring options, and it can work to reduce noise and create greater comfort within your commercial space.
  • Laminate/LVT – Laminate and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) offer some of the most versatile and affordable flooring options for commercial spaces. With laminate and vinyl floors, minimal prep work is needed for flooring installation, because no padding or under-layer is required. In addition, laminate floor planks and LVTs are designed for snap-in installation without any glue or adhesives. These easily installed options come in a range of design choices to match the aesthetic of your space at a fraction of the cost of hardwood or imported tile.
  • Tile – Commercial kitchens, office bathrooms, and other busy, mess-prone areas will typically do best with tile flooring. Though tile can have a higher cost upfront, it can last for decades with the proper care, and it will increase the value of your commercial property.
  • Hardwood – Like tile, hardwood comes at a higher premium, but it offers timeless beauty, simple maintenance, and lasting value. It may be the ideal addition to the modern office space, or it can create just the right aesthetic for a trendy bar or restaurant.

Commercial Flooring Installation Process

Regardless of where you need your commercial flooring installation, it is important to have flooring installed correctly and within a short timeframe. At Crown Coverings, we understand the negative impact that downtime can have for your business, so we will work to create a no-fuss installation plan that has your business operating as usual while you make essential upgrades to the property.

To begin exploring your flooring options in depth or planning a flooring installation for your Schaumburg business, call Crown Coverings to schedule a consultation with our team. You can also browse our website for more details about our commercial flooring services in northern Illinois.

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