Consulting and Testing  

We can work with Designers, Architects or whoever is the driving the plans of your project to ensure few change orders, headaches, and delays through a variety of testing and preparedness checks. The vast quantity of products on the market today is purely in response to the various situation that can arise in the field. Our team of experts can be a resource to be sure the right products and processes are being used. Let us help your team navigate the endless option and narrow down product options to what is best suited for your intended use of any space. Product selection and proper planning will save time and money, let Crown be your resource.  

Post Construction


Inspection and Testing   

Sometimes you find yourself with a project that isn’t going as planned. Perhaps your selected crew ran into an issue they don’t know how to solve or once the work is complete you find space filled with flooring failures. Our team of experts can arrive to test and determine what went wrong and how to make it right. It is not uncommon to see finish products chosen for their looks and not for their performance. Manufacturers have specific guidelines for products that should and shouldn’t be used in spaces depending on subfloor, moisture, traffic, and maintenance. If your project is in trouble Crown can help you identify the specific issue and present the right solutions.


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