• Carpet Replacement

    While carpets look pristine and beautiful after installation, there will come a time when they will have to be replaced. Depending on construction and foot traffic, it is recommended that carpets are replaced every 5-15 years. With the heavy foot traffic of hotels, they need their carpet replaced every 5-7 years in comparison to an office who would need theirs replaced every 10-15 years.  Everything depends on how you maintain the carpet. Vacuuming regularly can help prevent the fibers from being crushed. Cleaning is the best method for extending the life of your carpet. While steam cleaning is an effective method, over time, the heat and hot water can cause the carpet to bubble. At Crown Coverings, we recommend Millicare for the dry cleaning method.  Stains, odors, stretching and more can be signs of needing a replacement and more than just a basic cleaning. You can read our blog on the benefits of carpet tile to help cut costs and minimize having to completely remove the carpeting with stains and odors. Other factors include the fibers changing colors and flattening/contorting fibers. Keep your facility or workplace up-to-date and fresh by maintaining the foundation; replace your carpets every 5-15 years.

  • All About Carpet Tile

    Carpet tiles are your best soft-surface flooring option for office applications meant to handle heavy traffic loads and are easily installed to change the appearance of the space. They’re versatile in application, allowing for a wide range of diverse options  and can be incorporated almost anywhere in an office space. Even though tiles are more expensive than broadloom carpets, they are more easily maintained. Their smaller size lends to them being easier to lift, move and install, effectively producing less waste. The various sizes and designs make it applicable for numerous work spaces. Both easy installation and the carpet tile variety combined offer cost savings during a project. Carpet tiles allow for spot-replacement for damaged tiles rather than large sections of carpet. Additionally, they allow for a multitude of patterns and shapes for every space. The products durability and longevity make it a great addition to any space.  More specifically, some carpet tiles have cushion backing to absorb sound and protect against wear and tear. Hard-backed carpet tiles are less durable than cushion-backed modular carpet and broadloom. The carpet allows for underfoot comfort and reduces the frequency and slips and falls that you would find with hard flooring. With carpet tiles, a commercial space can be transformed with significant ambient improvements.

  • Why LVT

    As we know, life happens. It is safe to say that this floor is resistant to whatever life throws at you. Thankfully, Crown Coverings is here to help with life’s oopsies and accidents. Crown would like to introduce Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank, the solution.

    It is easy to clean, won’t chip, sound reducing, and resistant to moisture so spills won’t ruin the floor. Found in hospitals, airports, schools, hotel lobbies and more with growing popularity, LVT is one of the most versatile flooring materials out there. It is available in planks or tiles and uses a print film to give it a multitude of appearances composed of four layers: backing layer, fill layer, print layer and wear layer. The layers are meant for stability, appearance, and longevity. This product allows for unlimited design options and is easy to maintenance with a sleek look, for it is meant to replicate hard wood or tile with more practicality. This product is quick to install, easy to maintain and visually appealing–the perfect flooring finish at an affordable price.

    The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the floor. If you have a space that will need a high resistance to scratches and wear, a higher wear layer, such as a 12 mil or 20 mil, would be best for the application of light commercial. Commercial vinyl flooring applications will usually require a 20 mil top layer whereas residential will range from 6 to 12 mil.

  • Crown Named One of America’s Fastest-Growing Construction Companies

    Inc. 5000 has named Crown Coverings Inc. one of 2019’s fastest growing companies in America. Crown Coverings Inc. earned this distinction by being one of the top innovative businesses in the interior design industry. Crown is a commercial flooring and countertop business that specializes in a solution-based process and customer service. The company as a whole would like to thank everyone who has supported Crown throughout the years on their journey to make a difference in this industry.

    Inc. 5000 is a place  to share and grow Crown’s story and to highlight this important milestone along with the  insights and inspiration from the leaders of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Inc. 5000 hosts a conference that features three days of thought-provoking sessions that are meant to engage and inspire businesses, allowing an increase in momentum and growth with 20 sessions and 40 speakers over three days. Along with the conference, Inc. 5000 hosts a Black-Tie Gala. Inc. 5000 will hold a Gala to honor the recipients of the award on Saturday,  October 12th. Congratulations Crown Coverings Inc.!

    About Inc. 5000

    “This prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success and the place where future household names first make their mark. Pandora, 7 Eleven, Toys ‘R’ Us, Zipcar, Zappos.com and numerous other well-known brands have been honored by the Inc. 5000. In 2007, the Inc. 500 list expanded to the Inc. 5000, giving readers a deeper, richer understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and capturing a broader spectrum of success.

    Today, the list is a distinguished editorial award, a celebration of innovation, a network of entrepreneurial leaders, and an effective public relations showcase. The Inc. 5000 ranks companies by overall revenue growth over a three-year period.”

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